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Main specifications and parameters

Die locking force

4500 KN

Space between tie bars

660*660 MM

Tie bar diameter

Φ 130 MM

Die thickness(Min-Max)

300~750 MM

Locking stroke

550 MM

Ejection stroke

125 MM

Ejection force

200 KN

Injection force

450 KN

Injection position

0 ?1?7 -200 MM

Plunger diameter

60 MM

70 MM

80 MM

Injection weight

2.8 KG

3.8 KG

5.0 KG

Casting pressure (Intensifg.)

159 Mpa

116 Mpa

89 Mpa

Casting area

283 CM2

387 CM2

505 CM2

Max.Casting area (40Mpa)

1125 CM2

Plunger penetration

220 MM

Casting flange diameter

Φ130 MM

Height of pressure chamber flange

15 MM

Injection stroke

540 MM

Dry cycle

10 S

System working pressure

14 Mpa

Motor power

22 KW

Oil tank capacity

850 L

Machine weight

19000 KG

Machine dimensions(L*W*H)

7.1*1.8*2.95 M

Mold Size

NO Selected

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