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New breakthrough! Baosteel's new ultra-high strength cold heading steel products help new energy vehicles to be lighter and stronger
Recently, Baosteel's wire rod production, sales and research team and a domestic user jointly developed a new 14.9-level ultra-high-strength delayed fracture-resistant fastener for 
the application of international new energy vehicle brands. The successful trial production of this new product not only makes new energy 
vehicles lighter and stronger, but also has milestone significance for the development of Baosteel's cold heading steel and even China's cold heading steel.
In recent years, as the new energy vehicle industry has entered the "fast lane", the lightweight of the body has become the top priority in the design of new energy vehicles. 
Ultra-high-strength fasteners can not only reduce their own weight, but also provide more potential space and safety guarantee for the lightweight 
design of other key components. Baosteel's wire rod production, sales and research team focuses on the future development of new energy vehicles and challenges the limit. 
After years of research and development and trial production of new 14.9-level ultra-high-strength delayed fracture resistant fasteners, while achieving 
high fastener strength, the delayed fracture resistance performance has also been greatly improved. , This new product is also the highest-strength fastener product in China, 
adding power to the "weight reduction" of new energy vehicles.
In late August, after receiving the trial production task, in the Central Research Institute, the manufacturing management department of the steel tube and strip steel business 
department, the strip steel plant and the sales department (commercial and trading company), and Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019) Marketing Center 
(Baosteel International) Southern Company, etc. With the joint efforts of the whole system, the trial production process was quickly formulated, the wire rod rolling specifications 
were adjusted in priority, the inspection and testing was accelerated, and the green channel was shipped directly to customers. The trial 
production of the first batch of new products with specifications was completed within 48 hours, and all specifications were delivered within one week. Car acceleration,
 to seize the development opportunities.
It is reported that all three specification samples have been sent to users for trial use, which will be a huge breakthrough in the improvement of bolt strength level in the field of new energy vehicles.

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