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The executive vice mayor of Ningbo visited and investigated Sijin Intelligence
 On the morning of January 10, 2023, Hua Wei, the executive vice mayor of Ningbo, accompanied by Lin Yiquan, the deputy director of the Administrative Committee of the High-tech Zone, and the leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Finance and Political Affairs, the Municipal Military-Civil Integration Office, the High-tech Zone Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, and the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of the High-tech Zone, came to Sijin Intelligent to carry out the "big visit, big research, big service, big problem solving" activity. Li Zhongming, chairman and general manager of the company, warmly received and accompanied him.

   Vice Mayor Hua and his leaders visited the company's production workshop and exhibition hall, and discussed in the conference room. The chairman of the company introduced the development and products of the company, focusing on the research and development progress of the key technology of "multi-station intelligent warm/hot upsetting forming equipment" independently innovated and developed by the company. At present, the warm upsetting forming equipment is completely dependent on import in China, which is a national major short plate equipment. Relying on long-term technical accumulation, Sijin Intelligent has made major technical breakthroughs through several years of technical research, and will conduct trial production of prototype in the near future. Vice Mayor Hua gave full affirmation and support to the innovative spirit of the enterprise. The leaders of Vice Mayor Hua and his party also listened to some of the needs and opinions of SIJIN in innovation policy support. As the leader in the field of cold forming equipment segmentation in China, Sijin Intelligent will work hard to create a new level of development in the new year.

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