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What is a rivet nut
Fasteners can effectively solve the problem that nuts are fixed on parts, and the commonly used nuts are rivet nuts. In fact, the riveted nut is a kind of nut fastener with the ability of riveting. As early as the riveted nut was not born, people wanted to fix the nut on a component. The only way is to fix it by welding, but this way is not completely able to solve people's problems.
(Rivet nut)
If we are faced with materials that are not easy to weld, such as plastic, sheet metal, nonferrous metal, etc., the difficulty of fixing can be imagined. But since the invention of the nut in the form of rivet nut, we only need a small rivet gun tool to easily install the nut on various materials, and can easily and firmly fix it, It is convenient to assemble with various other mechanical screws.
The common standards for rivet nuts are: national standards GB17880.1, GB17880.2, GB17880.5, etc. And the material of the rivet nut can be steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Because the riveting operation required for the riveting nut is on a soft material, it can be riveted, but it also brings a problem, that is, its mechanical performance can only be maintained at about four and five levels, which can facilitate the material plasticity during the riveting installation. At present, rivet nuts are often used in the frame of various mechanical structures, such as the common connection part of the pipe frame structure of the textile machine, or the connection part of the back plate of some cabinets.
The above is the summary and analysis of the small editor on the rivet nut. If there is any doubt or confusion about the rivet nut, you can read this article to understand the rivet nut, and know all kinds of knowledge about the rivet nut, and also know the role of the rivet nut in our life. I hope this article can help you.

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