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Frequent problems in fastener maintenance
Although fastener is a small part, it is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment and plays a very important role. Therefore, when using the fasteners from our Huyue Standard Parts Factory, customers need to carry out regular maintenance, so as to ensure that the fasteners can be used more safely, extend the service life of the fasteners, and improve the service performance of mechanical equipment.
There are three major problems when maintaining fasteners:
1. When the fasteners are quenched, silicate cleaning agent shall be used to clean the impurities on them, and then rinsing shall be carried out carefully to avoid impurities left on the fasteners, which will affect their normal application.
2. After tempering, the fastener may change its color. After soaking the fastener in ether for a period of time, oily substances will be produced. This indicates that the fastener is not clean enough. After analysis, it will be found that the fasteners are not stacked reasonably when they are heated, and there may be some small oxidation phenomenon in the quenching oil.
3. If there is white substance on the fastener, it may be some phosphide. The reason for this is that the acid cleaner was not used for cleaning, and the rinsing tank was not carefully inspected.
If these problems cannot be solved in time, they will directly affect the performance and use of fasteners, and may also lead to shortened service life of fasteners, resulting in early rise and damage of fasteners. I hope the above three issues can help you make better use of fasteners.

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